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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Body Scrub

A body scrub treatment is similar to the treatments we opt in the parlors for our faces, it is facial for the body .It Scrubs the skin and exfoliates in order to get rid of the dead skin, leaving it smooth and soft and hydrates it.

Body scrub is done with vitriolic substance such as salt, coffee grounds usually mixed with the high quality massage oil and with the aromatic essential oils. Body scrub is basically accompanied with the steam shower and with the body lotion afterwards.

How Body scrub is done?

A body scrub is generally done and takes place in the humid and the wet room which has a glossy floor and the drain. You will start face down on the massage table with the towel underneath you. The therapist will start by gently scrubbing your upper back and moves downward from lower back to your hamstrings and lastly legs and feet. Then you have to turn so that she can do the other side. After the scrub part therapist will leave you for the shower and for the time she will put  clean sheets on the massage table while you are showering then after the shower the young masseurs will applies the body lotion on the whole body starting from the back which will help the skin to hydrate and shines with a smooth and soft feel.